Dec 02


What is it? A traditional yeasted bread from Germany. Early stollen loaves were made as bread without milk or butter because the Catholic church did not allow these ingredients during advent.  In the mid 17th century, a papal proclamation allowed stollen bakers to add milk and butter resulting in a similar recipe to the modern day stollen.

Our stollen starts with our own house made candied lemon peel.  We start in November and candy local lemon peel.  Next we soak the candied peel, raisins,dried cherries and cranberries in rum for at least two weeks.  The plump fruit is part of a traditional recipe containing butter, milk, cinnamon and other spices. We also make our own almond paste which is encased by the dough and formed into a traditional 2 “hump” shape.  After baking it is brushed with melted butter.

It’s a very intensive process and we it make only during the month of December .  It’s a dearly loved Christmas tradition at the bakery.stollen christmas short n sweet bakery cafe hilo big island hawaii

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