A lot of people ask me how long I’ve been baking. Do baking mud pies in your mom’s oven count? If so, then since the age of five.

My next foray into baking was the Easy Bake oven (too much like a toy) and then my very first cookbook, Joy of Cooking. I was 13, and my mom kept asking what I wanted for Christmas. New clothes? Music? Makeup? Nope, I wanted the Joy of Cooking.

She didn’t understand but she bought it for me anyway (because that’s what moms do). One of the first things I made from the book, after reading and re-reading the recipe and begging my parents for “real” butter was croissants. They were definitely not my best work: I had accidentally doubled the amount of butter. They still baked up flaky and smelled divine as they were baking. They were just floating in a pool of butter.

I’ve improved greatly since then.



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