Whew!!  600 mini cupcakes and three custom made Japanese ” temple” stands later…  Here is our creation:

The roofs are all edible, made from gumpaste, rolled fondant and royal icing.  The “dragons” were hand sculpted from rolled fondant and gumpaste.  My dear long-suffering husband made the stands.  The actual creative process usually goes something like this:

Me: ” I thought of a really cool cupcake stand”

DH: “Show me”

Me: “okay, (I start to show him photographs of Japanese temples and then my very crude sketch)”


Me: ” no, wait, we can totally do this…. (notice the “we”)”

and then we’re off, talking about materials, improving the design and staying up until the wee hours making it happen.  I truly enjoy the creative process and how, I can see something in my imagination and then make it reality.taste of hilo 2012 japanese temple cupcake stands short n sweet bakery hilo

taste of hilo 2012 dragon cupcake stands short n sweet bakery hilo big island


A big mahalo for my volunteers and all their hard work!!

taste of hilo 2012 japanese cupcake stand short n sweet bakery hilo big island

All photographs courtesy of Jordan Honma; jordanmarchonma@gmail.com

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